We are maintaining reliable and positive strategies in ensuring raw material availability and in providing necessary engineering supports to our customers. As a proud fact, we have not encountered any deficiencies in providing the same to our customers during our services as of now.

Since the major raw materials involved in this field of activity are readily available in local market, we do not face any problem in procurement and stock keeping.

However, as an additional safety measure, we maintain reserve stock of raw material in our factory.  We maintain the same for the tools and tackles required for our job. We regularly analyze the stock records and necessary measures are taken to streamline the stock availability.

Specialty items, if required, are procured from abroad and this process will be done well in advance . Since many of the raw materials we use have shelf life, the mass storage may lead to expiration. 

Further, we keep adequate stock of regularly used fittings and accessories based on the customer requirement, which, varies from customer to customer. We have standardized molds for all the frequently used products especially to pipes and fittings. Our site supervisors recommend and suggest the probable or anticipated material requirement at sites and necessary precautions will be taken well in advance.

Regarding engineering supports, most of the fittings involved in our activity are conventional as per the customer requirement rather than standardized. In all such cases we provide the entire technical supports within our supposed field of service.

Many of our products and services are either creative based on the necessities of the customer or a substitute to metal or nonmetal counterpart. We constantly analyze the market and customer needs and stream-line and upgrade our service providing system accordingly. The introduction of thermoplastic welding to our service range is a result of this attitude.

Now we are through the process of establishing inbuilt design and testing facilities as per all the relevant international standards

The services we have been providing to many of the SABIC affiliates and their constant repeat orders are the results of our abilities in this regard.

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