To meet the customer requirements in all aspects consisting of design, fabrication, supply, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance works on the FRP field, our dedicated and professional engineers and skilled technicians are readily available at any time. We are proud of stating that we had a lot of excellent past experiences in solving for various plant emergencies.  The manpower can be grouped in to different categories.

Technical managers:

Our highly qualified technical managers will provide rigid solutions to the different kind of problems in design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Professional Engineers:

The Engineering team is working in different aspects of the industrial requirements like product design, quality control, testing of materials, standardization, project management, shutdown management etc. Their field oriented approach will be the prime requirement of the many industrial problems in the future.

Safety Engineers and safety officers:

For our major clients like SADAF, we have provided safety engineers and safety man. We are in compliance with all the requirements of safety by providing safety officers along with our working team.


They are the mediators between the field people and factory/office people. They are effectively organizing the works and communicating promptly on emergency situations.

Skilled fiberglass fabricators:

Highly experienced fiberglass pipe fabricators with skills in following drawings . They exhibit thorough knowledge and skill in fabrication and erection.

Skilled technicians:

Our skilled technicians are well versed in contact moulding technique through which most of the industrial pipe fittings are being manufactured. They are also experienced in FRP maintenance related lining and patch-up works.

PVC/PP/CPVC- welders:

Lined fiberglass pipes are increasingly popular in petrochemical industries for handling highly corrosive chemical service. We have qualified and experienced welders to carry out  PVC, PP ,CPVC ,PVDF and other related thermoplastics.

Supporting technicians :

Apart from the skilled category we have supporting technicians to carry out various type of preliminary and supporting jobs like surface preparation, grinding coating----etc. These semi skilled technicians play very important role in supplementing the job crew.

Office related Commercial assistants:

We maintain adequate quantity of office related commercial staff like Accounting officers, Govt. relation assistants, Legal assistants, Public relation officers, etc.

The total organization system is comprised of effective portfolios and every portfolio is handled by able persons of proven ability and relevant experience.


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