We are maintaining a matured working environment, which imparts enthusiasm and a sense of security among our staff and ensures efficiency and peace to the work place. This apparently elevates self confidence and the output level of our organization. To achieve this we have been working continuously on the following area aiming at both the employee welfare and indirectly an effective and stable platform for our business.

Boarding facilities:

 The top managerial people have been given family status with separate flat nearer to their office. A new furnished, multi-roomed accommodation is being used by the people working in plants at Jubail. Also in Dammam we have one accommodation consisting of two portions, for the people working in our factory, local sites and for other members of the head office. The aforesaid buildings are equipped with all the accessories that an employee can refresh himself after his work.


 We possess bus, pickups, and loader vans in adequate numbers to ensure proper timing on work and delivery. Apart from this, persons having family status and persons in sales/coordination works have been provided separate cars of good condition.


Periodically, the work place is cleaned and it is maintained free of all chemicals and   other material wastes. Supply of clean air is ensured through ventilators located at different places. Grinding works are carried out at a distant location with exhausting fans operating continuously   to remove all the dust particles. Raw materials and necessary tools are arranged systematically so that they can be consumed /used without any inconvenience. For the site jobs the technicians are dropped in to the plant and picked up without causing any difficulty or time lapse to our customer.  Further all our technicians especially in plant work are provided with all the necessary safety equipments required for different working conditions. 


Our technicians whether they are working in the factory or in the field, are insisted to work as a team and the efforts contributed by each individual have been appreciated by the respective team leaders. In turn, the team leaders with the assistance and proper guidance of our qualified supervisors are able to achieve the targets of both the company and the client. 

Incentives and exceptional favors are awarded for exemplary and outstanding performances.

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