We consider customer satisfaction as a prime requisite to the developmental and quality management. Customer satisfaction is considered as an effective ingredient for development of the organization and we entertain the same from our customers.


We consider post sales customer services and after sales customer services with equal importance and frequent repeat orders and long term business association with many " SABIC AFFILIATES" and other organizations are the testimony of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our Sales and customer service department is committed exclusively for this purpose and it functions by handling all aspects of our customer dealings through scientific methods.


We identify every minute factors related to customer service and pay effective attention and utmost focus.


We identify the following as the important components / factors related to customer service.


  1. Preliminary inquiry for indefinite product / Service.

In this case, the customer only explains his problem if service is required, and, if it is a product requirement, customer informs his requirements. Customer may not have definite idea of the service or product he requires which matches with his requirement.


A call from a plant engineer informing the frequent leakage of a chemical vessel or a call from a customer informing repeated corrosion of a metal roof curb carrying ventilator fan can be taken as examples for this category.


Our customer service engineers respond to this inquiry through the following steps:-

  1. Study and analyze the problem / requirement.
  2. Collect the history of failures – if it is a service requirement for a frequent failure. /  Collect the requirements of the product
  3. Suggest the reliable remedies with options.
  4. Prove the feasibility and reliability referring to similar examples from other experiences.
  5. Proceed to the other steps like offer submission, drawing approval----etc.
  6. Proceed the commercial matters
  7. Negotiate the time frame.
  8. Ensure the product / service conformity.
  9. Ensure the delivery commitment.
  10. Get the feed back after completing the job.


In all of such cases our representatives enter the customer's place with a real pledge of solving the problem rather than doing a business. The discussions, suggestions and our presentations usually end up in business. Many of our present customers are the results of this pattern of service. Similarly many of our standard products are the result of such inquiries.


  1. Preliminary inquiry for definite product / Service.

In this case since the product / service is definite it will be an established product / service and it requires only the normal steps.


  1. Maintaining the time schedule.

We consider the time commitments with utmost seriousness. While taking up the job itself, we recommend the earliest possible completion period duly compromising the quality and urgency of the customer.


We also inform the customer about the quality and reliability risk factors involved in the rush fabrication. Scientific constraints like influence of weather, curing time-----etc are also duly taken in to account.


Double shifts will be arranged for urgent cases. Adequate man-power and material will be organized to meet the time frame.


  1. Quality / reliability of services and products. .

We assure the quality / reliability through well organized quality control system. We ensure the quality right from the choice of raw material and throughout the entire process of fabrication. We conduct stage-wise internal Quality control test prior to submitting the product / service to customer's quality evaluation. None of our service / product is delivered without an acceptance from our quality control engineer.


  1. Commercial aspects.

Providing the quality services within the budgets of the customers is a delicate compromise between quality and price. We suggest optional prices with relevant quality and reliability slabs for the customers. In many cases,we leave this option for the customers highlighting the resultant quality and reliability outputs for every optional budget. All the risk factors and reliability constraints involved in the deal will be pointed out.


  1. After sales service

We consider the after sales service with prime importance and the feed back of our services are monitored. Any discrepancies, if arisen, are rectified and the feed backs are recorded and averted in the future cases.


  1. Discipline and conduct.

We insist a sense of discipline to all of our team members working at customer sites. All the relevant safety practices will be followed. We do not entertain any violation from our norm of behavior at any case. Normally we depute a supervisor to co-ordinate with the customer representative.


  1. 'Round the clock" service cell.

We have equipped round the clock service cell which will respond on any odd hours irrespective of off-days and holidays. This has been set-up in view of the unexpected maintenance requirements from the affiliates of M/S. SABIC. Irrespective of the quantum of job the necessary raw materials and labor will be rushed within 1 hour. We maintain a camp at Al-Jubail and any emergency job requirement at Jubail plants will be attended by our crew over there.  


  1. Technical supports

Our team provides exemplary technical supports to our customers at every stage of the order execution right from the stage of offer submission. All technical details are well explained and well clarified with the support of technical specifications and relevant drawings. In addition, we make our customers aware of the precautions while handling, storing, lifting, transporting and installing our products. In case of services also we suggest the curing timing and other related precautions.


  1. Document Supports

We provide exclusive document support to our customers at every stage of our service execution / product delivery. Technical specifications, Job completion reports, Drawings, Guarantee letters, Quality control documents, Stage-wise inspection reports, MSDS for raw materials, delivery notes-----etc are the major mandatory documents. Every important activity will be well documented and well distributed to the concerned authorities.


The above referred classifications give only a brief outlook of our customer satisfaction arrangements.


"Reliability, innovation, commitment to attain utmost quality and dedication in every deed with a thirst of attaining the goals" is framed as our mission statement.  This stands as proof to our concern over customer satisfaction.


The appreciation letters we have received from some of our customers in recognition to our outstanding performance on various occasions is an obvious example to our customer care attitude. Please find the same as attached with this profile.

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