Safety Policy & Safety Records

programs designed to ensure safe working environment and attitude. Alertness, knowledge and continual observation are required for the correction of conditions and unsafe acts in order to prevent the injuries.  Elimination of danger sources is preferred to safeguard the injuries reasonably. However, wherever this is not possible or practical, protective measures must be implemented.

We categorize this vast field in to the following areas and focus our efforts to achieve complete compliance to this principle. 

  • Personal protective equipments:                                             

We will adhere to all requirements of applicable personal protective equipments according to the conditions. We are insisting our group to strictly follow the procedures and to use the P.P.E’s as required. Every employee is provided with basic and primary P.P.E’ s like hard hats, safety shoes, safety glasses and ear plugs. Since our work is associated with the chemicals, we have also provided  goggles , hand gloves , dust mask , full body harness and fire extinguishers apart from the basic P.P.E s. Material Safety Data Sheets( MSDS) are attached with every chemical materials used by us.

  • Adherence to the work permit systems:                                            

 Each plant has its own policy and procedure to obtain the work permit. We are complying with all the necessary conditions mentioned in the work permit system. We are deploying personnel for the work permit acceptor courses and utilize our own people while receiving the permits. We are also preparing fire watch / stand by man from our own crew as per the required formalities, whom  we deploy  for the hot and hazardous works. 

  • Designated safety personnel:

Our qualified safety engineers have been continuously working to meet the safety targets of our major clients. They are responsible for weekly and monthly safety audits, occupational injury and illness –reporting and performing job safety analysis before starting any risky or hazard prone jobs. They are giving safety orientations and training to our employees in all aspects of safety like P.P.Es, tool handling, traffic safety, ladder safety, mobile equipment safety etc.

  • Safety Records:                    

Our compliance with the safety procedures has eliminated or minimized drastically the fatal accidents and incidents. This, in turn, improves the safety performance index (SPI) and SHE performance index (SHEPI).

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