We undertake fiberglass related maintenance jobs at chemical plants also. This involves time bound maintenance jobs on fiberglass piping and equipments. We have regular maintenance contracts with all affiliates of M/S. SABIC.

We have been doing the above services for the last 10 years and have successfully carried out “time-bound” shut down jobs on various critical occasions. We have been awarded with many appreciation letters on several occasions by the concerned departments for the efficient and timely completion of jobs.

  • We have successfully fabricated and erected fiberglass duct and fittings in “ MS. Saudi Iron And Steel Company" ( HADEED ) through M/S. Nesma and Emcor Co. Ltd.          
  • We have been supplying many equipment internals to M/S. Petrokemya since the last several years. We have carried out many turnaround jobs at VCM plant and many major repair jobs at olefins and utility plants. 

  • We are doing regular maintenance jobs at SADAF-EDC plant and supplied skilled fiberglass technicians on regular basis to their fiberglass work shop to carry out fiberglass repairs on cell-head covers. We have carried out many turn around jobs and projects on various occasions.

  • Similarly, we are doing maintenance services at M/S. SAFCO and IBN AL-BAYTAR plants and have carried out many projects and turn around jobs.

  • We are supplying skilled fiberglass technicians to M/S. Kemya on regular basis for the fiberglass maintenance jobs.

  • We are carrying out maintenance services at M/S. AR-RAZI, which involves emergency fiberglass leak repair jobs and replacement of various pipes and fittings.

  • We are the approved contractor for 'MS. ALUPCO'-Dammam and we have carried out many acid proof fiberglass lining jobs in their plant. We have supplied many fiberglass process equipment like fiberglass ducts, tanks etc. on various occasions.

  • We have successfully carried out fiberglass re-lining of many acid storage tanks in MS. Basic Chemical Industries ( Dammam ), on several occasions. Now are executing fiberglass piping jobs related to "chlorine caustic soda' –project through M/S. Saudik Contracting Co. Ltd.

  • Now after the award of global contract from SABIC, we have regular maintenance contract all the affiliates of SABIC including the “ Yanbu National Petrochemical Company”- Yanbu.

  • We have successfully carried out Prestigious Turn-Key piping projects with M/S. Saudi Methanol company where we have replaced existing carbon steel pipe lines in their waste water system with FRP. We have done these projects right from design and deliverable scope and all supplementary scopes like pipe supports, structural-----etc were undertaken by us. This project is still running in other areas. This job was appreciated by the end-user for its perfection.

  • Similarly we have done many piping project on turnkey basis with M/S. Petrokemya and M/S. Sadaf, where special resin system were used to replace the existing metallic and plastic pipe lines.

Our services Category.

  • Fiberglass maintenance services.
  • Fiberglass lining jobs
  • Fiberglass pipe joining.
  • PVC / CPVC and PP welding. ( Thermoplastic fabrication and repair jobs )
  • Other fiberglass related repair jobs

Our highly qualified and self motivated technical team comprised of professional engineers and skilled technicians and our dedication to pursue the goals are the major factors which, lead to an outstanding position in this field.

The accelerating growth and success of the company is attributed mainly to assured product quality, skill, commitment and dedication in the endeavors.

We offer round the clock service facility to our maintenance customers irrespective of off-days and holidays.

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