Safety Health & Environment Policy

At our organization, Safety Health and environment are values that take precedence over all other considerations.

With the goal that there must be no harm or damage of any kind done to personnel, society and environment, our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management philosophy is founded on the basic principle of accepting nothing but the most safe technologies and equipment as well as qualified, experienced and trained manpower to operate them.

We are conscious of our responsibilities towards creating, maintaining and ensuring a safe and clean environment for sustainable development. Our Policy and approach towards fulfilling this responsibility are characterized by the following:

  1. Effective use of safe working procedures and practices.
  2. Effective SHE training of employees.
  3. Adherence and compliance of applicable norms of SHEM-12.
  4. Total and strictest compliance with statutory requirements in all respects.
  5. Learning from failures, major or minor to eliminate recurrence.
  6. Rigorous and regular audit of work procedures and practices.
  7. Ensuring a clean and safe environment in and around our work location.
  8. Pre-employment and periodic medical check-ups of employees for early identification of occupational health hazards.

Safety and health of personnel and protection of environment override all of our other targets.

Let us march ahead rendering the best to our customers with perfect synchronization of Health, Safety and Environment awareness.


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